Kathy has done a great job with Wrigley and Shale and makes me very proud to be the breeder of both of them. It is an honor to be her friend. Any interest in breeding to these great guys, contact Kathy Rasinowich-Platt at

~ Joanne       

OTCH First String's Cubby Bear UDX20, AX, NAJ, CGC, Can CDX Wrigley
Wrigley Wrigley
OTCH First String's Cubby Bear UDX20, AX, NAJ, CGC, Can CDX
DOB - 4/14/95

Wrigly was Kathy's first Agility dog. Their obedience career began when the Wichita agility trial was full. She really wanted to travel to Wichita with friends, so she decided to enter the obedience trial. The weekend was a success, earning a CD and a Dog World. Since then, Wrigley has earned his CGC, Canadian CDX, UDX20, OTCH, 2-200's, 2 Dog World Awards, 69 High in Trial and 90 High Combined awards, Open B and Utility B firsts at the Golden Retriever Nationals. Wrigley has also placed in the top 10 All Breed and Golden Retriever rankings and other rating systems since 2000. He placed 3rd, 4th, and 2nd at the AKC Invitational in the Sporting Group, inducted into the Golden Retriever Hall of Fame, he has earned over 3,124 Lifetime OTCH points, has 29 MACH points and has 500 qualifying scores in obedience. Wrigley is a very quiet dog and very much a mommy's boy. I have never met a dog that can be turned on by just a smile. If Wrigley never put a foot in the show ring, his favorite past time would be to nibble on a stuffed toy with a squeaky and take a nap on a big pillow. He is the sweetest dog I have ever known.

Wrigley's most recent accomplishment is winning the AKC/Eukanuba National Obedience Championship in Tampa, Florida in January 2005. He will represent the American Obedience world in competition at Crufts in England in March 2005.



OTCH First String's Liv'n on the Edge UDX3, NA, NAJ
DOB - 4/24/99

Shale, Wrigley's half brother, came on to the scene in 2002 when he started his agility career. He loved to fly around the course. Making time was never an issue. He earned his NA and NAJ within 4 shows and has legs towards his Open titles. Shale earned his CD, CDX, UD, OTCH and UDX in 10 months. His average score in Novice (shown 13 times) was a 199 and a 198.20 average for his Companion Degree Excellence. He is known as the flying dog as his flip finishes are up beyond Kathy's ear. It does not matter whether he finishesShale to the right or left, he really jumps high. Shale earned 730 OTCH points in 10 months of showing. He earned 23 High in Trials and 18 High Combines in 2004. Shales is very energetic, observant and very funny. He smiles when you come home or ask him to "E". He squeals with excitement when he wants to get your attention and he always has a toy in his mouth. Shale has high prey drive. He can clear our 4 acres in a split second looking for squirrels, rabbits, birds and an occasional woodchuck. On the other hand he is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He will prop his head on your lap or on Wrigley if he's around.

Shale Shale OTCH First String's Liv'n on the Edge UDX3, NA, NAJ Shale Shale

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